“My ambition was to start a new book with the next album and not just a new chapter. I’ve surprised myself a little because we’ve already put together a lot of songs, and I feel like the album has taken on this new sound which was what I was looking for.”

— Taylor Swift on her 5th Album | Candy Magazine May 2014 (x) —

“[Taylor] owns the US pop scene. She knows how to do it. In England I was a commercially successful artist, but I came to the US as an alternative artist playing shows with Snow Patrol. She [Taylor] not only opened doors for me in the pop world but told me how to do it. You have to do all radio shows at Christmas and do all those sessions. The key is not to lose that.”

Ed Sheeran on Taylor Swift

He credits Taylor Swift with his US success  (x)

I used to think one day we'd tell the story of us, How we met and the sparks flew instantly.



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